5 Lawn Watering Suggestions 

5 Lawn Watering Suggestions 

We are an experienced lawn care provider in Owatonna MN can rely on it no matter the season. A Cut Above The Rest Outdoor Services understands that Minnesota summers are unpredictable and that at least one drought can be expected virtually every year. While it may not appear that the rain will ever stop, we can look forward to days of blazing sunshine and parched soil. Even on the driest of days, you may have a lovely, green lawn by watering your grass properly. 

First thing in the morning, water your yard. While night air does not encourage evaporation, it can retain moisture in an unhealthy manner, and watering at night could result in a moldy or ill lawn. Early morning watering takes advantage of the cooler, less windy weather, guaranteeing adequate moisture levels. 

Short bursts of water help grassroots to develop shallow and wide rather than deep and straight. Roots that develop higher in the soil are more susceptible to illness, whereas roots that grow deeper into the “root zone” are stronger and better able to hold nutrients. 

If you have a sprinkler system or utilize sprinklers, be sure they’re watering the grass rather than the concrete or your garage. Watering them won’t assist your lawn at all… not even a little. 

Use a rain barrel and let the rain take care of the rest. You’ll have a water reserve for the dry season, and you’ll avoid overwatering on stormy days, as well as reduce runoff pollution and erosion. 

When your yard requires it, water it. How do you know? Walking across your lawn and keeping an eye on your footsteps is the quickest method to see if you need to hydrate it. Your yard is acceptable if the grass grows back rapidly. It’s time to give your lawn some comfort if you observe the grass curling or remaining flat. 

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