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How Do I Create a Landing Page?

How Do I Create a Landing Page?
BY Johnnyt | JUNE 19, 2022 | MARKETING

To draw customers to your business, creating a landing page is a terrific idea.

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When discussing your internet marketing plan, you may have heard the term “Landing Page” used. What exactly is a “landing page” if there isn’t one on your website? A landing page is, to put it simply, a separate page from your website that sends visitors to particular goods or services they were looking for.

We’ll go through what a landing page should do, how it should appear, and how to use landing pages.

Why Would You Use A Landing Page?

Say you own a plumbing company. Shouldn’t your existing “plumbing services” website suffice? In an online marketing effort, a landing page is created expressly to attract and convert traffic. Because you want to drive traffic to your website, a landing page could have more things than other pages.

You may rename this page to “Plumbing Services in Chandler” or “Mesa’s Best Plumbers” to have it appear for additional search phrases. You may improve your SEO by using landing pages. Because they add to your website’s content and broaden your keyword list to draw in more visitors.

Exactly how should a landing page appear?

Make sure it’s simple to find your landing page.

You must consider the action you want a customer to do after viewing a landing page while creating one. You might want site visitors to buy something, give you a call, fill out a lead form, sign up for your newsletter, or sign up for an event.

Make sure your goals are simple to achieve. Put your form up and center with a captivating background image if you want people to subscribe to your newsletter. Make sure the contact form is on the page if you want them to fill it out. The remainder of your website should be accessible to visitors, but make sure your call to action is obvious.

You should choose a headline that will draw readers in. To encourage your visitors to take immediate action, place a call-to-action at the top of your page. As you go down the page, you can add more call-to-action buttons. Ensure that you are requesting the same action. By calling your office and subscribing to your newsletter, you run the risk of confusing visitors. To encourage your visitors to take action, choose one and repeat it.

Describe the advantages of your services and the reasons why customers should pick you. This area can be used to emphasize the distinctiveness of your goods or services or to display prices. then provide evidence of client satisfaction with your offerings. You can accomplish this with a video, client testimonials, images, or embedded content, such as an Instagram user posting a photo of your product.

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In order to persuade others to take action, you need have a closing argument. Reiterate your call to action. Call-to-action lines include things like “Buy now,” “Sign-up Today for a Free Quote,” and “Get started today.”

How Do Landing Pages Work?

You can have sitelink extensions that promote particular facets of your company if you use Google Ads. Your landing pages might serve as the link for the advertisement. Up to 8 sitelinks may appear underneath your ad at once in Google Ads.

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The sitelink extension on your advertisement for plumbing services can read “Hot Water Heater Repair” or “Backed Up Garbage Disposal.” The landing page for your trash disposal repair services will be displayed when someone clicks on one of these sitelink extensions.

Landing pages work well for virtually all forms of social media advertising. Sitelink extensions are also available for YouTube video advertising. Make sure that the graphic you display on social media matches your landing page if you are running Facebook or Twitter ads to prevent your audience from feeling disconnected.

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