Electric vs. Gas Mowers PART 2

What is the difference? Electric vs. Gas Mowers PART 2

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Battery-operated mowers weigh in at 50-60 pounds and are easy to move without the need to adjust for the cord. Some newer models of battery are self-propelled. However, this reduces the battery life by around one-third.

Gas lawnmowers are the loudest.

You won’t make friends with neighbors who are asleep on Saturday morning if your gas-powered mower emits 95 decibels of noise, which is comparable to the sound of a motorbike running. The noise output of newer gas-powered mowers has been improved. Both corded and battery-operated electric mowers are easier on the ears. They produce 65 to 75 decibels, which is similar to the sound of a washing machine running. Either type of electric mower is best if noise pollution is a concern.

Electric mowers save the environment.
Also, gas mowers require storage of flammable gasoline. While both types of electric mowers produce zero emissions, cordless mowers require the storage of flammable gasoline. However, rechargeable batteries for cordless mowers have lithium in them, which can pollute water supplies. A corded electric mower will have the lowest impact on the environment if you are trying to go green.

Gas mowers require more maintenance.
To ensure a neat cut, all mowers should be sharpened at least once a year (usually in spring). Gas engines can be more troublesome because they require regular maintenance. This includes changing the air filters and spark plugs every year to ensure that the engine is in top condition.

Gas engines need oil to lubricate their parts. This oil should be checked every time you mow and any additional oil should be added if needed. Gas mower owners should drain gasoline from their tanks at the end of each mowing season. Over the winter, the ethanol could separate from other components and cause the mower to not start as easily next year.

Gas mowers tend to be more expensive.

Corded electric mowers cost less because they don’t have a gas engine and batteries. These mowers are as cheap as $150 to $250. Depending on whether the mower has self-propulsion options, battery-operated mowers can cost between $275 and $800. (See to see a list of the top electric mowers available. Gas mowers are the most expensive. They start at $350 but can go up to $850 for self-propelled models.

Also, consider the cost of maintaining the mower.
According to how often you mow, corded electric mowers use $15 to $22 per annum in electricity. Battery-operated mowers, on the other hand, will only require $11 to $18 to charge their batteries.

Gas mowers consume between $20 and $35 per year of gasoline, depending on how frequently you mow and what the price of gasoline is. The size of your yard and whether you are looking for a mower that is more economical and environmentally friendly will determine the best mower.

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