How Often Do I Need to Mow My Lawn?

How Often Do I Need to Mow My Lawn?


Mowing your lawn is essential to keeping it healthy and happy. There’s many factors that influence the frequency of your lawn mowing. Consistency is key.

Remember that mowing is not about how often you mow, but rather how much grass you cut. Incorrect mowing can result in brown spots, weak roots and burned grass. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you ask “How often should my lawn be mowed?”


Timberline Landscaping’s Lawn Care specialists recommend not removing more than 1/3 of the grass length in a single mow. The grass will brown faster if it is cut too often. The lower portion of the grass, which is usually longer, is shaded and almost completely white. Cut too short and the grass blade will easily burn if it is exposed to the sunlight.
When a large length of grass is cut at once, it can become smothered or moldy. The blades that have been cut will build up on the grass’ surface, which can slow down its growth. Weeds can invade grass that is damaged or burned.


Different grasses have different ideal lengths. If you mow correctly, your grass can be kept longer or shorter.


Because the roots of the grass will be established and growing deeper, it is easier to maintain a longer length of grass. Don’t let your grass grow too long. You can maintain lush and long grass by sticking to a regular schedule, even if you mow more frequently during grass’ growing season. You should not miss a scheduled mowing or let the grass grow too long. You can mow your grass more frequently (up to twice per week), and then lower the mower blades gradually to bring it back to the ideal length.

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