How soil compaction is harming your lawn PART 1

How soil compaction is harming your lawn PART 1

A healthy lawn is something homeowners value. It all starts with the consistency of your soil. Your yard’s appearance will be affected by the condition and density of your soil. This can impact how your grass grows. Regularly inspect your lawn for potential problems and take preventative steps if you see them. If not taken care of properly, soil compaction can lead to a lawn that is less healthy over time.

What is Compacted Soil?

Due to heavy foot traffic and vehicular traffic, the soil becomes more compact with time. Soil compaction can also be caused by heavy snowfall over a prolonged period. Constant pressure on the soil can cause soil compaction, which can lead to many problems for your lawn. Water can’t pass through compacted soil and reach the roots of the grassroots. This will cause your yard to suffer stunted growth and reduce its health. A healthy lawn will be more able to fight weeds, diseases, and insects effectively. This will cause other problems.

Diagnosing soil compaction

A soil probe is an easy and quick way to check if your soil has become compacted. To take a small amount of soil, push the soil probe several inches into the soil. The soil sample can be used to determine the texture and thatch of your lawn. You can also determine how compact the soil is by using the soil probe. The probe should be able to enter the soil easily. If it does so with force, it will likely have compacted to some degree.

Signs and symptoms of compacted soil

There are several signs and symptoms homeowners can look for to determine if their lawn is compaction. Homeowners can keep their yard looking great by regularly monitoring its health and looking out for signs and symptoms.

Weed Infestation
Exceeding Thatch

Lawn Disease
Grass Color
Poor drainage and puddles

Weed Infestation

Because of the fibrous root system, porous soil is best for grass growth. Many weeds have an easy-growing root system that taps into the soil. It is possible that your soil has become compacted if you notice excessive weed growth or infestation in your lawn. To remove any weeds, it is a good idea to hire a professional weed control service.

Exceeding Thatch
The soil that is compacted naturally has low air and water infiltration. This means it cannot maintain a healthy balance of microbes, fungi, and bacteria. Old grass slowly dies as it ages. However, poor air and water infiltration can cause old grass to become a layer beneath your lawn. The thatch layer becomes thicker and prevents nutrients, water, and air from reaching the roots below the soil. The result is that the thatch layer continues growing in size and your grass begins to die.

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