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Is it time to upgrade your website?

Is it time to upgrade your website?

Upgrading of the website

It might be stressful to keep your website up to date. You know you need to increase the performance of your website, but how should you go about it? Your website must evolve and develop in the same way that your business does. Here are some ideas to think about when it comes to updating your internet presence in 2022.

Updates on Business

When a company offers new products or shifts to a new business strategy, their website may require minor or large adjustments to keep current. Your website should evolve in lockstep with your business. Changing content, modifying your SEO strategy or branding, as well as a site refresh or redesign, are all examples of website updates. Your website should reflect your company’s current operations, not those from the previous year.

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Upgrades to the Platform

A website’s security and usability may deteriorate as it ages, making it incompatible with various platforms. It’s possible that features you use to manage content, market your website, or sell things will cease working. In certain circumstances, new features that you would want to use aren’t available in older software versions. For older websites, security is becoming more of a concern. If your website hasn’t been updated in a few years, it could be time to consider re-platforming to software with newer and more secure capabilities.

Performance Suffers

Reduced performance can take many forms, including a drop in leads, orders, or website visitors. If your KPIs are declining, it’s time to reassess your website, discover the weak places, and make improvements. The following are some things to keep an eye out for:

Time it takes for a page to load

Calls to action that are compelling

Your content’s quality

Navigation is simple.

A full website audit that evaluates your SEO performance, page load time, and usability would be an excellent first step toward getting your website back on track.

A Design Refresh or a Redesign

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The digital ecosystem is a fast-paced one. Not only in terms of the changing technological and marketing landscapes, but also in terms of website design. A website that was created more than five years ago may appear antiquated and unpleasant, making a potential consumer doubt if the company can handle today’s needs. It’s most likely time for a redesign or update if your website is more than five years old.

Contact us to see if your online technology is up to date, meets performance and security requirements, and promotes the sale of your products or services.

Website design, custom development, digital marketing, and managed web hosting are all services offered by ACS Web Design, an award-winning web design and development firm.

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