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Did you know that the most common logo color is blue? In a logo, the color blue can stand for strength, trust, and dependability.

When it comes to logo design, there’s a lot to think about. The right color, for example, can boost readability by over 40%.

Are you unsure which aspects to include in your logo design? Do you want to learn more about current logo design trends and how to avoid becoming a logo cliche?

Continue reading to find out what’s hot in the world of logo design.

Typography in the Minimalist Style

Consider the fact that the typical person sees 5,000 advertisements per day. Every day, we are assaulted with 5,000 logos and at least 5,000 images.

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As a brand, how do you stand out among the image clutter? The use of minimalist typography in logos is becoming increasingly popular.

There are few details, clear lines, and no color in these logos. For these logo designs, sans serif fonts are a common choice.

With all of the flashy, vivid logos we’ve seen lately, this style is a welcome departure. Through the design, the brand‘s name speaks for itself.

Trends in Color

How significant is the image of your logo? Consider this: visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than words in our brains. A well-crafted logo is designed to stand out and establish an impression.

As a result, color is a major design trend. Colors that go well with your brand are ideal.

There are a plethora of color schemes to pick from, but it’s better to stick to two or three colors at most. This manner, the logo design isn’t overburdened.

Monochromatic colors are a popular design trend. To give your logo a distinct color scheme, you employ varied hues of the same color.

Colors that are soft and pastel, such as pastel green or yellow are another color trend.

Gradients are another popular trend. This is when you blend colors together to make them appear to fade into one another. This can be done with distinct shades of the same hue or with different colors that contrast.

Optional Colors

With all of these color trends, you’ll want to pick colors that are meaningful to your company.

Bright hues like yellow, for example, can convey optimism and happiness, whilst red might convey passion or aggressiveness. Green can signify development, nature, or riches, while grey can indicate business or power.

Text Parts That Aren’t There

Another logo design trend is text that is missing in places. This can make your logo stand out if done correctly.

However, if done incorrectly, it might make your logo difficult to read, therefore it’s not a method you should use excessively.

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You may also notice a trend in logos that use whitespace or negative space. White space is used by logo designers to create a visual.

These designs are clever because they are similar to a riddle that the viewer must solve. When you look at the logo, you notice something different about it, and you realize there is a hidden message in the design.

A Few Fine Lines

Some logos use fine lines instead of loud, strong lines to complement the minimalist aesthetic. It may make a logo easy to see and easy on the eyes if it is well designed.

Logos of Various Types

Consider all of the different ways your logo will appear on the screen and in print.

It’s small enough to fit on a business card. On a large poster, it may be scaled up. It might be reduced to the size of your Twitter or Facebook profile picture. You want a logo that looks excellent and is readable in a variety of media.

For example, there is a mixed-media logo that incorporates both graphics and text. A monogram of your logo is another popular trend, which may be utilized on smaller pieces of material like your business card or social media profile image.

Another form of logo design to use is if your logo has an image or a mascot.

Logos that animate

When you’re scrolling down on your phone, movement is often what stops you and makes you look. This could be in the form of a video or a gif.

Another popular trend is to incorporate animation into logos. This design trend has the potential to make your logo more engaging, interactive, and eye-catching.

You can tell a tale with logo animation. You can use animation to show off a new product, advertise something, or give a presentation.

You may also use the animation at the start of your videos to help people recognize your brand. You can use logo animation to help you stand out from the crowd.


Simple logos that can communicate a message are the finest. Another design trend you may see is the use of balance and harmony elements. Geometric shapes and symmetry are examples of this.

Fonts and Elements That Aren’t Found Anywhere Else

To stand out from the crowd, several businesses use unusual fonts, color schemes, and other aspects.

If you do this, make sure the design choices you choose still reflect the essence of your company.

If you’re utilizing unusual fonts or colors, you’ll also want to make sure your logo is well-designed and easy to read. If you use too many different design options at once, it’s simple to create a logo that’s overpowering.

Your Brand Identity and Logo Design

As you can see from the trends listed above, there are numerous alternatives for logo design. What matters is that you create a design that reflects your organization and brand.

A logo may say a lot about a company.

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