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Managing Your Website’s WordPress Updates

WordPress Updates For Your Website Managing WordPress Updates For Your Website

You’ve finished building your new website. Congratulations! You put in a lot of effort, and now that it’s finished, you’re eager to show it off to the rest of the world. We’ve discussed how to expand your site once it’s live, but what about the technical updates it requires to stay up to date? Now, if you’re worried because you’re not a techy person, don’t be. You don’t need to understand any code or language. You may execute these WordPress Updates for your website if you can recognize forms and colors.

ACS Website And Digital Marketing is a Minnesota-based web design firm that focuses on WordPress sites. There are numerous advantages to using WordPress to create a website. Another benefit of WordPress is that it is open-source, which means that anyone may create a plugin or write code to improve their website without fear of being penalized. It’s critical to keep your WordPress website up to date in order to keep it running smoothly and securely.

outline of a pink monitor

What on my website needs to be updated?

It will notify you when your website requires an update. So do how to tell when an update is required? If you see any numbers in red circles on your dashboard when you connect into the back end of your website, you need to update it.

If your WordPress site requires updates, you should check for this number in a circle.

WordPress is a free and open-source website creator. That means, the code is open source and free to use and modify. There are also those that enjoy studying the code in order to exploit any flaws in order to hack websites. WordPress, thankfully, is aware of the hackers. They send out updates to fill in the gaps and keep your site safe.

The red number in the circle at the top of your dashboard indicates when you need a WordPress update. Next to the word “Updates,” you’ll see a number in a red circle. Click on that circle. You’ll be directed to a page where you can update your WordPress installation. To upgrade your website, simply click the blue “update now” button.

WordPress updates usually boost security and performance. It’s possible that you’ll discover new features, tools, or fixes that make maintaining your site even easier.

Updates to Plugins

Plugins provide your website new functionality. You have plugins on your website if it features an events calendar, a contact form, or a photo slider. A page builder like Elementor is used on the majority of our websites. That, too, is a plugin. Some plugins are free, while others need payment; nevertheless, all of them will need to be updated at some time. If you need to update some of your plugins, you’ll see a number in a red circle next to the phrase “plugins” on the dashboard at the rear of your website. It’s as easy as clicking “update now” in the yellow box beneath the plugin that requires updating.

Plugin creators, like WordPress, are always testing and upgrading their code to ensure that their functionality is compatible with the newest WordPress update. It’s a good practice to update your plugins once you update WordPress to ensure that they’re compatible with the most recent version. It’s a good idea to keep your plugins up to date because hackers can use flaws in the code of plugins to hijack your site.

This is how a WordPress plugin update looks like.

You can set your plugins to update automatically, but this isn’t always a good idea. There’s a chance that old plugins aren’t compatible with your WordPress version, and that updating them will cause your site to crash. If your plugins update automatically and you’re not sure which ones caused your site to crash, you’ll have to do some investigating.

Before you make any WordPress updates, make a backup of your website.

outline of a pink monitor

WordPress updates are very simple to set up, however plugin incompatibilities can cause your website to crash. Make a backup of your website to avoid this problem. The best way to back up a website is to use your web hosting provider. A couple of plugins claim to be able to back up your website for you. You’re welcome to test any of these plugins, but for a dependable and recent backup, your web host is your best bet.

The majority of web hosting businesses are enormous corporations that do not provide frequent website backups. If you require a backup, you must contact them and wait on line until they can back up your site for you, which may incur an additional price.

Back-ups are simple with ACS Website And Digital Marketing.

If you require a WordPress update, this is how it appears.

ACS Website And Digital Marketing provides web hosting with daily backups, allowing you to confidently update your site. Our backups are performed on a regular basis, and if you require a backup that is even more recent, one of our helpful staff will be able to assist you.

Although most web hosting businesses are less expensive than us, they do not feature frequent backups, reliable support, or additional protection. Having a dependable web host is like having a website insurance policy. Do you want the lowest insurance available that doesn’t come with insufficient coverage, or a complete package that will help you get back on the road quickly, when it comes to choosing an insurance provider for your car? Choosing a Minnesota Web Design Company that provides complete hosting can make all the difference.

Updates that aren’t installed may cause problems as well!

While it may appear that these changes may cause more troubles than they are worth, this is not the case. You’re leaving your site vulnerable to security issues if you don’t update WordPress and plugins. Aside from that, the majority of upgrades are good. When you upgrade your plugins, you could notice that your site has more functionality or new features. In the end, the benefits of updating outweigh the disadvantages; all you have to do now is make sure you have a recent backup of your website in case your modifications cause it to crash.

Call ACS Website And Digital Marketing, a Minnesota web design firm, for answers to your WordPress questions.

ACS Website And Digital Marketing is an experienced Minnesota Web Design Company that can assist create and update your online space, whether it’s resolving an issue with your present website or constructing a new one. To learn more about how we can help your website flourish, contact us today.

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