Prepare Your Lawn for Summer in the Spring:

Prepare Your Lawn for Summer in the Spring: Minnesota Spring Lawn Care Tips | 0 Comment preparing your lawn for springtime in MN on
The snow is finally melting, and our lawns are beginning to show signs of life. We’re getting our lawn care equipment ready with bated breath at A Cut Above the Rest.
We’re tuning up the mowers, stringing up the weed whips, and stocking up on rakes – it’s a fun time!
Allow time for your lawn to dry before working on it.
After the long winter, we’ve had, we’re ready to get out and start cleaning up, but it’s a good idea to wait for the ground to dry up a bit before doing too much on your lawn. Soil structures can be harmed by excessive traffic or even vigorous raking on moist soil.
Yes, we’re just as eager as the rest of you to see that green growth begin!
We’ll clean up leaves, pick up sticks, repair damage from winter snow removal and vole activity, and then apply fertilizer and weed control methods to our clients’ lawns as soon as the weather permits. We’re also finishing early-season seedings and weed control applications to prepare lawns for a healthy growing season.
Is Your Lawn Ready for Spring?
What can you do to assist your lawn while it dries out? Keep an eye out for evidence of winter damage, vole damage, or any other signs of stress from the previous winter season.
When looking for vole activity, curving lines in the soil from their burrows are frequently a good indicator of their existence.
Also, as the snow melts, keep an eye out for pools of water in specific spots that last for a while. Poorly drained areas of your lawn will typically act differently from the rest of your property and more susceptible to disease.
As the grass grows greener, keep an eye out for sections that appear to be browning and any changes in the form or color of the grass. Is the brown spot contagious? Is it becoming smaller? This information will be extremely useful in identifying problem areas in the grass.
Lawn Care Experts of the Highest Quality
Take note of your worries as you keep your eyes alert for troublesome areas of your lawn, and let us know how we can assist!

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