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Responsive web design

We use specialized software that ensures that an image is preserved in its entirety on any device.

In the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and around the world, the number of people utilizing smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to browse company websites is fast expanding. According to Google, the most prominent search engine in the world, mobile devices now account for 25% or more of all business queries. This figure is rapidly rising. Is your website compatible with an iPhone or iPad? Is it having an impact on the growing number of Android smartphones and tablets? As a leader in responsive web design in the Twin Cities, we’d want to know how your current site is doing. Google offers a tool that will generate a report about your present website.

This is our main site and the images are flawless



Many websites are dedicated to these frantic designers. What they don’t realize is that the simpler and clearer a website’s design is, the easier it is to make it responsive and mobile-friendly. We’ve been building simple, user-friendly design layouts for our clients for years. We’ve avoided trendy design trends in favor of creating websites that put the visitor’s experience first. We quickly tweaked this method and implemented it on our clients’ websites, which passed Google’s mobile-friendly test with flying colors while maintaining their top rankings.

These days, the term “responsive web design” is all the rage. Clients are now asking most web designers to make their websites mobile-friendly.