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Where Can You Find Images For Your Website?

Where Can You Find Images For Your Website?

If you receive a letter concerning an image you’re using on your website, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible; we can’t give you legal advice.

This post will discuss how to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Why You Shouldn’t Just “Grab” Pictures From Anywhere

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The greatest reason to avoid this is legal/licensing issues, aside from the obvious issue of not providing credit where credit is due.

In the past, we’ve seen it happen a client used an image on their website, or their webmaster used it on their behalf. Then, out of nowhere, they receive a legal letter citing that photograph and demanding payment for using it without permission.

Where Not To Take Photographs

When you need images for your website, it’s critical to start with a list of places you shouldn’t use them:

Images via Google. Never utilize photographs taken from Google Images on your website. You might discover inspiration or even stock photographs by searching Google.

Websites that you might find interesting. You may admire an image on that odd website and save it for inspiration, but don’t utilize it on your website.

Social media is a term that refers to the use of Do not re-use photographs from social media pages or profiles, whether on your website or on your social media page, as you would from other sources.

Note: If you need images for your reference, you can get them from wherever; just don’t use them on your website.

Instead, Where Can I Find Safe Photographs?

Pexels. We send all of our clients a link to our free stock photo/video website. While the collection isn’t as extensive as on a premium service, it’s a wonderful place to begin.

Make a photo deposit. If Pexels doesn’t have what a client is seeking for, we direct them to this site. It has a large collection and usually features photographs that are more industry-specific.

Any other website that sells stock photos for a fee. There are numerous paid stock photo websites available, such as iStockPhoto, Getty Images, and others.

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