Where can you find the best photos for your website?

Where can you find the best photos for your website?

Where can you find the best photos for your website?

If you receive a letter regarding a photograph on your website, you should immediately seek an attorney; we cannot provide legal advice.

This post will discuss how to prevent this from occurring in the first place.

Why not just “grab” photos from any location?

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The most compelling reason to avoid doing is legal/licensing difficulties, aside from the obvious issue of not providing credit where credit is due.

We’ve seen it previously, where a client or their webmaster utilized an image on their behalf on their website. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, they get a legal letter that mentions the images and demands payment for improper use.

Photographs are not permitted in certain areas.

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A pink outline of a computer is used as the logo for the ACS website.

When looking for photographs for your website, make a list of what you shouldn’t use them for:

Google provided the images. Never utilize Google Images photographs on your website. You might get inspiration or even stock photographs by searching Google.

Websites that you might find interesting. You can save an image from that unusual website for inspiration, but you should not use it alone.

Use images from social media pages or profiles on your website or on your social media page as you would from other sources.

Note: You may collect images for your research from any source, but you must not use them on your website.

Instead, where can I find safe photographs?

Pexels. All of our clients receive a link to our free stock photo/video website. The library isn’t as extensive as a subscription service, but it’s a good place to start.

Make a deposit accompanied with a photograph. If Pexels does not have what a client is seeking for, we recommend them to this site. It has a large image library, the most of which are industry-specific.

Any other website that sells stock photos for a fee. iStockPhoto, Getty Images, and other premium stock photo websites are just a few of the many options.

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