Working with WordPress Security Has Its Advantages

Working with WordPress Security Has Its Advantages
You may have read an article or heard someone say that WordPress isn’t as secure as competing platforms. This school of thought contends that WordPress is more likely to be hacked because it is so widely used. Because WordPress is the most popular platform for creating websites and applications, it becomes the primary target. However, as long as you follow the steps in the following list, WordPress security isn’t a major problem.

Use premium plugins that are of excellent quality.

Make sure these plugins are updated on a regular basis.

Use a well-coded, high-quality theme that is updated on a regular basis.

Don’t use a well-known theme. The best themes are those that are created specifically for you.

Use a dedicated server instead of a shared one. The best choice is to use a dedicated server.

Make the WordPress installation more secure.

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Backup your server on a regular basis.

Make use of SSL.

Use 2-factor authentication and limit login attempts.

Make strong passwords a requirement.

WordPress is developed and maintained by a big community of highly skilled coders, testers, and developers who regularly release updates, security patches, and new features. Aside from that, the platform is built on industry standards and well-proven technology such as PHP, SQL, and JavaScript.

What You Get When Jen Chapman Creative Creates A Custom WordPress Theme

We use best practices to create custom-built themes that have a history of being safe and secure while still leveraging a framework. No one has ever hacked one of our custom themes.

Last but not least

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WordPress, like no other CMS or technology, is or can ever be 100 percent secure. It’s simply a matter of following best practices for the platform in question.

Cost and scalability

WordPress’s ability to grow to the needs of larger businesses is debatable. WordPress is being used by a big number of large businesses. One of the key advantages of utilizing WordPress is the ability to create a comprehensive and feature-rich website quickly and affordably.

While the cost of developing a custom WordPress application ranges from $3000-$30,000, other platforms often cost 3-5 times as much and take much longer to develop.

When we create a custom theme for you, we concentrate on the site’s features and requirements. Because our bespoke WordPress themes are developed just for you, there is no code bloat. We choose the plugins we employ based on your unique requirements, and we ensure that they are well-coded.

Websites created specifically for you are unique.

A bespoke theme solution is not the same as altering an existing theme to meet your demands. It’s a fully custom-built theme with actual value that means you’re not reliant on a third-party theme vendor.

While the site is unique, it follows a coding standard. This means that any competent WordPress / PHP developer might quickly access our themes and modify or extend their functionality.

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